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Your Wellby checking account is designed to fit your financial goals while offering a better banking experience. That’s why we’ve partnered with NXG Strategies to bring you next-level care in checking account benefits to protect you, your family, and your financial well-being – all as part of Wellby Secure Spending and Wellby Spending Plus.

nxg|PROTECT can help you plan for and recover from the effects of identity theft as well as provide you with access to multiple proactive identity fraud monitoring solutions. Activate credit monitoring by clicking the Register Here button below and completing registration. If you suspect you might be a victim of identity theft for any reason, call 855-966-3241 to speak to a Privacy Advocate.

nxg|MOBILE provides easy to use mobile phone insurance for all phones owned by the primary account holder. Call or visit Wellby and let us know you need to file a claim.

There's Only One You. Let's Keep It That Way!

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New to nxg|PROTECT?

Registration requires a Member ID provided by Wellby. To register for nxg|PROTECT, please have the unique Member ID provided in your welcome email or letter ready.

Note: the unique Member ID required is not your Wellby Member Number. For assistance with obtaining your unique Member ID or for questions concerning your eligibility, please call Wellby at 800.940.0708.

Be sure to complete the information within the Credit Monitoring feature so you can take full advantage of your monitoring services and review your credit report and score.

Already Registered?

If you have already registered, log in to return to nxg|PROTECT to see the details of any credit and other monitoring alerts, check your credit report and score, or to reach out to a Privacy Advocate for assistance.

Need Help?

For questions about your eligibility, call Wellby at 800.940.0708.

To register, you must meet the eligibility requirements and program terms and conditions.

Explore Your Benefits

To learn more about your benefits, check out our quick one-page Benefits Overview, or see a complete description of the services by choosing a button to the right.

NXG Strategies is an industry pioneer in identity theft investigation, fraud remediation, and data breach response. We have successfully implemented our programs in hundreds of financial institutions to bring additional value-added services to consumers, providing multiple aspects of identity protection and lifestyle savings.

Simply put, NXG provides next generation solutions for the problems you face each day.

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